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The Full Story

In the summer of 2022, a group of musicians came together with a shared vision: to create an online community where musicians from all walks of life could gather, collaborate, and find support. On July 10th 2022, Musician's Outpost was created.

The founders of Musician's Outpost, each with their own unique musical experience and skills crossed paths through their individual musical journeys. They recognized the need for a dedicated Discord server where musicians could connect, share ideas, collaborate on projects, and learn from one another. Not just for one specific instrument. For all of them.

The founders envisioned the server as a hub for musicians to network, seek advice, and find potential collaborators. They understood that every musician, regardless of their skill level, had something valuable to offer and could benefit from interacting with others. So, they encouraged members to introduce themselves, share their musical journey, and showcase their work in text and voice channels.

As the server gained traction, musicians from around the world started joining Musician's Outpost. It became a lively and vibrant community, with musicians of all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds coming together to share their love for music. Some were just starting out, while others had years of experience under their belt.

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